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Maths In Action Day!

We had a fantastic day today – we investigated how Maths is used outside the classroom.

In the morning,some of our parents came into school to help us understand how maths is included in jobs.There were architects,chemists,process engineers and a lot more.

In our lessons we did at least something including mathematics.We were told how maths is used in coding and tesselation. It was fun.

By Noah and William P

Have a look at these photos to see how our day went…

Reflecting on the term so far…

What a busy half term his has been already!! I bet all of Year 3 and 4 have learned so much.  The whole school theme ‘Our Past’ has been been really interesting.  We started at 1066 – Battle of Hastings and are slowly moving back through time.  As well as the Battle, we have investigated the Vikings, Saxons.

Let’s not forget all the other subjects that we fit into our busy learning schedule: maths, p.e. and music to name a few!  Mental maths and bat and ball skills have definitely developed this half term. Not forgetting a new appreciation for Bob Marley songs!

If you have been part of our learning journey, leave a comment below with your favourite experience so far.  Don’t forget to explain why you liked it so much!