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Adventure club

Marshmallows around the camp fire
Marshmallows around the camp fire

Final meeting around the camp fire as the latest adventures indulge in a feast of toasted marshmallows. With the campsite now closed down for the winter future adventures will meet in a new venue, deep in the woods. But don’t worry we will still be sharing our tales and experiences around the camp fire. Some things will never change.

The long and winding road (Part two)


The long and winding road starts to make sense as twelve new class gardens start to take shape over the summer holidays ready for the new school year in September. Each class from year one upwards will have the opportunity to experience the fun and wonder of designing, planning, planting and maintaining their own piece of the school grounds.
The individual gardens sit along side the Eyam road path between the present allotment and the new year six orchard, giving parents and carers an opportunity to see at first hand what the children can achieve with a little bit of help and heaps of imagination.