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A first sign of spring


Thousands of tadpoles just wanting to break free
Last November the children cleared the dead branches, leaves and overgrown plants from the school pond to try and make space for some of our amphibious friends. Their effort has been rewarded by the laying of Frogspawn, hundreds of yet unhatched tadpoles, small black dots in clear glistening jelly, like thousands of eyes watching you from the safety of the cold clear water. We will keep our beady eyes on the Frogspawn over the coming weeks, to see when the tadpoles hatch.


Green planting day 22nd April


Come and join the children on our Green Planting Day.
We have another four hundred trees to plant, and another hedge to lay over the coming months, which will form a vital part of the children’s wildlife gardens presently being created around the school grounds. As part of our commitment to outside learning and the re-wilding of the school grounds the new hedge will form a vital barrier to protect the children’s hard work and the wildlife it attracts.
On Friday 22nd April we would like you to come along with a spade and plant a tree and if you wish label it, coffee or tea will be available as well as the opportunity to look what the children have achieved outside so far, for this we are asking for a £2 donation to go towards the purchase of a pollytunnel so the children can grow and nurture plants all year long.

The pond gets deeper and deeper

Year six keep going down as the wildlife garden pond gets deeper and deeper. The depth of the pond is vital to its sustainability, during the cold freezing winter months the water in the depths of the pond will never freeze providing a vital refuge to the wild creatures living deep within. As well as applying some of the finishing touches to the willow fence, the children also planted some of the butterfly attracting plants that will form the back bone of the garden.