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Tree planting

Come and support us tomorrow and plant a tree for the future. We have over four hundred trees to plant over the coming weeks to form a hedge to support wildlife. All the children will have a chance to plant and dedicate a tree. Please come and support the children and help plant a tree for the future, and look at what the children have achieved in their wildlife garden. image


Green planting day 22nd April


Come and join the children on our Green Planting Day.
We have another four hundred trees to plant, and another hedge to lay over the coming months, which will form a vital part of the children’s wildlife gardens presently being created around the school grounds. As part of our commitment to outside learning and the re-wilding of the school grounds the new hedge will form a vital barrier to protect the children’s hard work and the wildlife it attracts.
On Friday 22nd April we would like you to come along with a spade and plant a tree and if you wish label it, coffee or tea will be available as well as the opportunity to look what the children have achieved outside so far, for this we are asking for a £2 donation to go towards the purchase of a pollytunnel so the children can grow and nurture plants all year long.

We need your help


Outdoor learning at Norbury Hall School needs your help.
The Winter, the rain and the mud are now here in force, and the children still love to go outside. The Gardening Club, Outdoor Learning and the Forest School are in desperate need for suitable footwear for the children. To save school shoes from getting too dirty we are looking for any donations off unused, unloved children’s wellies of any size. Starting on Monday 25th January we will have plastic bins clearly marked, and placed at all the school entrances, in to which you can place your old wellies.
You might be able to help further, if you have any suitable child size (age four to twelve) waterproof leggings or tops you don’t want any more these would be gratefully received, and could be placed in the same plastic bins.
Many Thanks
Mr Hulme-Duvall

Thank you for green day

Thank you to everybody, children and parents, visitors old and new who helped to make Green Day a massive success. In total we raised just over £700 of the £2000 target for our new all weather outdoor learning area, where as guardians of our future the children can start to discover and come to understand the wonders of natural science and our environment.
Once again we thank you on behalf of the children for your valued support, time, effort, and cake, without which none of this could happen.

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. – Franklin D Roosevelt



Green day 2015

Potting on the Toms and Chilli's
Potting on the Toms and Chilli’s

Please don’t forget the School’s GREEN DAY on Tuesday the 24th of November where you as parents are welcome to join us in the school hall from 9:00 am where we will be selling coffee, cakes and juice for the toddlers to help raise £2000 for a new learning area within the school grounds. All the year groups will be displaying work related to outside learning and our environment. We will have plenty of activities for the younger children within a makeshift inside woodland shelter.


Green day

Please help the children celebrate the school’s green credentials on the 24th November during our Green Day. Over the past three years with your help the children have planted over 2000 trees and shrubs, 400 spring bulbs, an orchard, a wild flower meadow as well as the crops on the allotment.
We now wish to purchase a polytunnel for outside learning a popular and growing part of the school curriculum, this will provide an outdoor classroom in which the children can further explore the wonders of science, a key part of the curriculum. In order to help achieve this we need your support, we need to raise two thousand pounds to pay for and equip the polytunnel, so please support the children on Green Day so we can raise the money to equip the school with valuable teaching tool, that will provide a fantastic learning opportunity. A list of the fund raising activities will be available in the next few weeks.

Many Thanks for your support
Graham Hulme-Duvall


What a year for outside learning

Wow what a year for Outside Learning!
With the help and hard work of the children over the last twelve months we have been able to create a new Wildlife Garden, a new Garden for Reflection, plant five hundred new trees, twenty new bird boxes, set up a new Allotment shed as well as a new Wild Meadow for the children to explore and enjoy. None of this could have been achieved without the enthusiasm and hard work of the children as well as the parents who offered their time and energies in supporting the school. Thank you to everyone who helped create this wonderful and inspiring outside learning space, have a lovely summer holiday. image

Our wildflowers
Our wildflowers


Planting runners
Planting runners
Hedge planting
Hedge planting
A new wildflower garden
A new wildflower garden