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Reception welcomes Penny!

This week we had an ‘egg-tra’ special delivery to our classroom… Reception’s very own hen! After an exciting morning of meeting the hen and finding out more information on how to look after her. We each wrote a name that we would like her to be called and then one name was fairly pulled out of a hat. The winning name was Penny! Make sure you look our for when you past the coop, she is wearing a pale pink band on her leg.

In the next few weeks Penny will be inspiring us with our enterprise. We will be selling our creations at the end of the day on Friday 20th May.

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Green day tree planting

‘Let’s get realy big things done for our planet’

Today  is international Earth Day when we are encouraged to do things to help the planet. The children and parents from Norbury Hall certainly did today with a mass planting of native trees supplied by the Woodland Trust.  Thank you to all those parents and family who helped and supported our mammoth tree planting session today, especially the brave few who gave up their time to help dig the planting trench, you saved my back. The children planted over four hundred trees to help form a living fence and wildlife corridor, and seemed to enjoy every moment.


Tree planting

Come and support us tomorrow and plant a tree for the future. We have over four hundred trees to plant over the coming weeks to form a hedge to support wildlife. All the children will have a chance to plant and dedicate a tree. Please come and support the children and help plant a tree for the future, and look at what the children have achieved in their wildlife garden. image


Green planting day 22nd April


Come and join the children on our Green Planting Day.
We have another four hundred trees to plant, and another hedge to lay over the coming months, which will form a vital part of the children’s wildlife gardens presently being created around the school grounds. As part of our commitment to outside learning and the re-wilding of the school grounds the new hedge will form a vital barrier to protect the children’s hard work and the wildlife it attracts.
On Friday 22nd April we would like you to come along with a spade and plant a tree and if you wish label it, coffee or tea will be available as well as the opportunity to look what the children have achieved outside so far, for this we are asking for a £2 donation to go towards the purchase of a pollytunnel so the children can grow and nurture plants all year long.