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Smile, Smile, Smile…Key Strings Visit Norbury Hall

Today we had a very exciting visit from Key Strings. We found out about all sorts of stringed instruments such as guitars, cellos, the double bass and violins. We enjoyed hearing them being played and listened to songs which may have been played a long time ago when it was the First or Second World War.



Some of the instruments were even bigger than us!




We enjoyed marching along to songs and waved flags.



This is a bugle and we heard it play the last post. It was very loud!


We had lots of fun and it was all “smiles, smiles, smiles” just like the song.

Fabulous fungi

Just a short walk around the school grounds reveals the splendour of the fungi that appear this time of year. The differing fungi found within the various habitats provide a good indicator as to the health and diversity of the grounds. We intend to increase this diversity over the coming months with the planting of another five hundred trees, shrubs and bushes. This will no doubt require some help in assisting the children in this fun but mammoth task. If you can help in any way please contact Mr Hulme-Duvall through the school office by leaving either an email address or telephone number, and times you might be available.

Exquisite Fungi
Exquisite Fungi


The cold eerie glow of a strange mystical light

Skinner Moth Trap
Skinner Moth Trap
Over the past year and a half the children have helped to create and maintain a diverse selection of habitats from wild woodland to open grassland from small garden pond to butterfly garden. Over the next few weeks the children are looking at differing habitats throughout the school grounds, and the creatures that inhabit them.
Our eerie light was in fact a Skinner Moth Trap, able to sample the night time visitors to the Butterfly Garden. The children looked on in wonderment as the moths were studied recorded and released back into the Butterfly Garden. The species included Common Footman, Brimstone Moth, Poplar Hawkmoth, Dot Moth and Heart and Darts.
During Friday’s summer fair I will be available to give a simple guided tour of the grounds, and explain what the children have achieved as well as share our exciting future plans.
Poplar Hawkmoth
Poplar Hawkmoth