Adventure club!

Dripping wet, but having fun, the new Adventure Club gets off to a soggy start, but not soggy enough to wipe the smiles off the children’s’ faces.  What would you do if you were suddenly stranded on a deserted island, miles from home?

A soggy Adventure Club!
A soggy Adventure Club!

What would you do with only rope, tarpaulin and some pegs? That is the dilemma that faced the first group of children taking part in the afterschool adventure club. The few things found on the deserted island were enough to build a shelter and make a base for the adventures to come…

Stockport School Cup

On Monday 28th April, Norbury Reds and Yellows set off to Power League for a football tournament.

The Norbury Yellows won ALL of their matches and so were top of Group A.

The Norbury Yellows Team
Norbury Yellows

The Norbury Reds won four of their matches and drew one, therefore they also came top in their group, Group B.

The Norbury Reds Team
Norbury Reds

This was a fantastic result for both teams and I am very proud of each and every one of the boys for doing so well. However, this meant we had to play against each other in the final!

Both teams together after a very fun and successful morning
Both teams together. Brilliant teamwork and effort was shown by all.

Sadly, there could only be one winner and after a tense seven minutes the Norbury Yellows scored the first goal, which was soon followed by another. The result ended as 2-0 to the Yellows but both teams played brilliantly and just getting to the final was a fantastic achievement.

Now, the Norbury Yellows get the privilege of playing at Edgeley Park (Stockport County’s home pitch) on Wednesday  7th May against Alexandra Park Primary School. Wish us luck!

Summer Term 2014

imagesVAVSXCJGIf you go down to the woods …..

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 4. We have already been busy studying Passover and different religions. Our main focus over the next few weeks is ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maurice Sendak . We will be writing our own version of the story culminating in a rumpus in the woods!!

Year 5 have had a very busy start to the term.  We have all made an individual front cover for our new theme books based on our theme ‘When you go down to the wood…’

Ethan J's Front Cover
Ethan J’s Front Cover